After Hours – In Memory of ‘Chroma’


Exploring the role of colour within science and visual art. Through live chemical experiments by Dr Frank Mair and a narrative of art, history, memory and science from Jenna Carine Ashton, this lecture-event invites an audience to revisit, and remember ‘Chroma’. Visit for more information.

Booking is essential for this session. Telephone +44 (161) 275 7450

More information on our After Hours programme can be found at Whitworth Adult Programme blog

2 Responses to After Hours – In Memory of ‘Chroma’

  1. Hi
    I’d like to book to come to After Hours – In Memory of ‘Chroma’.

  2. Hi Emma, Please ring to book your place. The general number for the Whitworth is +44 (161) 275 7450 They will be able to direct your call. Thanks.

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