Artist : Barnaby Hosking

Artist : Barnaby Hosking

Black Flood, 2006
(Video installation, 4 x wall projection onto black carpet. Dimensions variable)

Thoughts, 2011
(Bronze, mirrored butterfly wings. Dimensions variable)

Barnaby Hosking (born 1976, Norwich) graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2003. He has had solo exhibitions in Europe and the USA and has exhibited in Russia and Japan. Hosking lives and works in London.

Exploring the importance of darkness, as both a visual and a psychological stimulus, Hosking creates works that play with the aesthetic of light, dark, space and surface.

For Dark Matters, Hosking presents two pieces, both functioning in combination and as individual works: new configurations of Black Flood (2006) and Thoughts (2011). Black Flood is a confrontational installation that engulfs the viewer in a zone of uncertainty. Four simultaneous video projections present a rising, turbulent darkness. The projection surfaces are hangings of black carpet, which runs counter to the usual function of the cinema screen: they absorb the light rather than project it. As with much of Hosking’s work, there is no definitive clarity, but rather the impression of a potential reality hidden in the dark. As the light of the sky becomes perpetually obscured, Black Flood questions our cognitive perception and re-confirms the awe-inspiring power of darkness

With Thoughts, butterflies serve as a symbol of our inner wonderings. The luminous and dark surfaces of the individual butterfly wings project both the positive and the negative through elementary strategies of reflection and shadow. Just as the nebulousness of thoughts allows them to shift between positive and negative without certain distinction, so these clusters of light and darkness project the duality of thinking.

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  1. i thought this was fabulous, well done im so proud of what you have achieved. see you next week

    emma pop

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