Artists: Brass Art

Artists: Brass Art

Still Life No.1 (new commission)
(3D objects in acrylic polymer, light source, table in black box environment.Dimensions variable)

The Myth of Origins, Double Janus, The Myth of Origins, Prey
(watercolour on paper, 1460 x 2185 each)

Brass Art are Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz and Anneke Pettican. They have worked together since 1998 and have exhibited widely throughout Europe, the USA and Australia. Brass Art explore the potential of combining old and new media through strategies of proto-cinematic optical illusion and cutting edge digital technologies.

For Dark Matters, Brass Art have been commissioned to create a new installation for the Whitworth’s imposing Mezzanine Court. Looming figures and monstrous fusions invoke an immediate affiliation with the nineteenth century phantasmagoria. A simple, travelling light source casts a slowly spinning cavalcade of shadow around the walls and ceiling. Central to the piece, entitled Still Life No. 1, is a table bearing an arrangement of museum specimens, tiny figurines and cellophane – their varying opacities against the bare bulb producing the silhouettes and glimmers which create the play of forms. The tiny figures upon the table are three dimensional representations of the artists themselves, rendered using the latest digital techniques. Through basic tricks of the light they become players in a complex narrative of animal, human and geological interaction.

The watercolours on display are selections from an ongoing series, The Myth of Origins. Each drawing depicts a moment of contact between the artists’ shadows and various insect specimens, temporarily released from Manchester Museum’s entomology collection. Here, shadows are fixed to the paper by a process of collaborative drawing. The insects are reanimated through their potential contact with the living flesh of the artists.

Brass Art would like to thank:

Adam Shepherd, Daniel Roberts, Reuben Fleming, Jenni Colquhoun, Andy Plant, Manchester Museum, David Gelsthorpe, Dmitiri Logunov, Jenny Discombe, Henry McGhie, University of Huddersfield, Simon Dunning, Steve Willmott and the team at Ogle Models and Prototypes Ltd., Huntsman Advanced Materials, International 3, University of Huddersfield, Association of Art Historians, Manchester Metropolitan University Department of Engineering Services, Richard Massey, National Museums Liverpool Conservation, Anne Marie Lapensee, Henry Mosley X-Ray Imaging Facility, Professor Phil Withers, Professor Robert Cernik, Dr Chris Martin, Dr Rob Bradley, Dr Tristan Lowe, Nick Dodd, John Hosie, Nic White, Jack Hale, David Green, Malcolm Chapman, Leander Wolstenholme.

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3 Responses to Artists: Brass Art

  1. I loved this art piece. I think that the little people in the photo make it look good.

  2. This wonderful piece of art is really fascinating and it made me think of when me and my family go camping because one woman was flying a kite and we do this at our camping site. Also, we sometimes get rocks from the beach and one woman was carrying a huge boulder too.

  3. This art was amazing because it made me a bit weird.

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