Artist : Ja-Young Ku

Artist : Ja-Young Ku

Title The Veil (new commission) Photographs © Liza Lemsatef Cunningham

Ja-Young Ku (born 1969) studied painting at the Seoul National University, Korea, before completing an MFA in New Forms at the Pratt Institute, New York. He has had solo exhibitions in Korea and the USA and has participated in group exhibitions throughout Asia, Europe and the USA. He lives and works in Seoul, South Korea, where he is Professor of Contemporary Art at Konkuk University.

Ja-Young Ku tests the boundaries of truth in a world constructed by its interaction with digital communication, cyberspace and video games. His work investigates the viewer’s perception of space, time and movement through the layering of projected images and the artist’s actions upon a specific site. For Dark Matters, Ja-Young Ku has created a new work which explores the relationship between the real and the illusory through the use of video, projection, sculpture and performance. For this new commission, the artist questions our perceptions of reality by interacting with the ghostly remnants of his former actions.

Presented in collaboration with Asia Triennial Manchester

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