Shadowing Dark Matters

An excerpt from an article featured on Corridor8 by stephen Iles, reflecting on the Dark Matters main exhibition in its last week on display.

Visitors enjoying 'Snow Mirror'  by Daniel Rozin Photo © Liza Lemsatef Cunningham

Visitors enjoying 'Snow Mirror' by Daniel Rozin Photo © Liza Lemsatef Cunningham

“…The exhibition begins with an interactive piece, Floating in space is a translucent screen, upon which is projected a monochromatic image of falling pixels, falling gently, uniformly, endlessly. Like the ‘static’ on the screen of a disconnected television, it gently goes about it’s business, seemingly demanding little other than for us to acknowledge it’s presence. We are free to move around the screen, behind, to the side, from afar. Then, before we move on we give the piece a final moment, we stand four square in front of it as if to say goodbye and we begin to notice something different, an outline of a figure, life size, begins to emerge. It sways gently, moves furtively and then the penny drops, the said figure is an outline, a digital shadow of ourselves. We instinctively begin to gently lift our arms, to allow the snow settle upon our limbs like radioactive snow.”

A dematerialisation has occurred, our body passing from one state to the other, a shift from the corporeal to the virtual, a preparation of the body for a ritual investigation. We are reminded of the screen both small and large, of ‘Star Trek’ and of films like Spielberg’s ‘Poltergeist’. We are the ghost in the machine, a theme that is set to continue throughout the show.

Stephen Iles

Read the entire article Shadowing Dark Matters on the Corridor8 website.

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